Saturday, January 1, 2022

 Hello everyone! How was your first day of the year? 

Today I was looking for deco inspo and wishing I had materials and then I realized I have my new Sentimental Circus stickers. So I decided to use them.

Now my phone charger is kawaii.

I'll buy strass and pearls later to make it more deco.

Sorry for the dark photos, it's super cloudy today (I'm happy thou, it's coller, yesterday's hot weather was a nightmare)

This is my Sentimental collection this far, I want to add more items but they're hard to find outside of japan.

I also customized my phone

And created a telegra theme, you are free to use it if you like.


Do you like Sentimental Circus? Which is your favourite character?

Friday, December 31, 2021

 Hello everyone!

I'm happy to introduce to you: Flancito

It's a character I made after a charm my boyfriend and I got. It's just so cute.

 Plus I wanted to make emojis for my posts, but didn't know what to make, so...

Flancito is a pudding glentle-person who loves sweets, cute things and hanging out with friends. (Maybe I'll make them friends, what do you think? Healthy desserts gang?)
I'll be using it in my next blog posts surely (not including the new year's one thou)

Have a happy new year!

Thursday, December 30, 2021


How was your day? 

I'm tired... I hate summer... I envy you on the north hemisphere, really.


So today my arm pain was lower and I could finally study

And I also went to an appointment with a new dermathologyst since the last ona gave me creams that hurt my skin) and she told me I don´t have rosacea, I just have really bad dehydratated skin and I just need to hydratate it.
So... now I need to apply a cream 3 times a day ( don´t wear makeup and stuff so that's hard for me haha)

And tomorrow's new years eve!! Yay!

What do you plan on doing?

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Year-end decluter and organization

Hello beautiful! How were your days?

I spent last weekend tidyng up my room, specially the book section. It was a looooooot of work, and now I'm really tired and my arms are hurting a lot 😭 but I needed to clean up.

My home is really small, so every year-end I do a full decluter and tide up. It includes home, wardrobe and social network.

I already declutered and cleaned my kitchen, and now it's my room's turn.

So I took all the books down from the shelves and clasified them and then pput the ones I decided to keep on the shelves again.


Before and after decluter


It looks quite nice.
I'll put photo albums ion the top shelf, still organizing them.

Yesterday I look through my instagram and youtube follows and mail suscriptions and stopped following people that doesn´t sun to my life or in which I have not interest anymore.
I highly recomend doing it from time to time.

What about you? Do you clean/decluter at the end of the year?

Saturday, December 25, 2021


Hello everyone, how was your christmas?

We spent it at home and since my house's small we had the tree on the table with the decor, I think it looks cute.

We had tuna roll for dinner and caramelised peanuts and chocolate for dessert.
I love rolls because they're delicious and you don't have to use the oven, it's way to hot here to cook.
South hemisfere Christmass is way less elavorated the north hemisfere ones and I'm sure it's because of the hot weather.

The roll has:

  • Tuna (1 can)
  • Boiled eggs (2)
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Black olives
  • Bell peper (outside)
  • Mayoliva (mayonaise with olive oil) for the decorations
It was delicious~
This was my outfit
All items trifted.
I love that green dress.

I'm going to tidy my room now, talk to you later~

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

New phone charm

Hello dears~ How are you? I just had a super fun weekend.

I've been wanting to get matching phone charm with my boyfriend for a long time and yesterday we finally found a super cute ones, so now we've got super kawaii phone charms.

Look how cute they are!!

Now I just need a new phone case, this one is really old. I want a fruity deco one.

This is my inspo:

I just love decoden so much, I want to deco all my devices.


Oh, we also had taiyaki and matcha lemonade, it was such a fun day.

  How was your weekend?